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The SLD designs are back on sale with a brand new shop! Here you’ll find your one-stop-shop for Michael Scott’s laser-cut designs.

Michael is making a new start by teaming up with a completely new production line. We’re getting things up and running with some favourite Bases, Sabot Bases and Markers. We hope everything runs smoothly and we’ll keep working to bring more of your favourite Littleness to the brand new shop! The Model Kits will be returning, of course, and we’ll be re-releasing them as soon as we can.

The break from online selling has been much too long! We hope, now, that you can join us in enjoying the return of the Littleness!

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Latest Littleness Newness

Writer Angus Konstam’s comment on his visit to the TooFatLardies Deep Fried Lard, 2017, event.

“I had to miss out on a couple of really spectacular afternoon games. First, Richard’s [Clarke] Spanish Peninsular one had been packed away, and replaced by another Peninsular offering, this time involving a spectacular Roman bridge. It and the rest of the terrain were built by the superbly talented Michael Scott of Supreme Littleness Designs. We know Michael as a master of MDF, and his buildings and custom bases are really great. This, though, really took my breath away.

His arched Roman bridge spanned a river (I think it might have been the Coa), and the French had to cross it and take the village beyond. The village was supplied by Richard, but the terrain was all beautiful stuff, and built by Master-Builder Scott. Naturally, this attracted wargamers like flies around a honey pot, and the game must have been a real pleasure to play, given the quality of the battlefield. As with the other Spanish game, this was fought out using Sharp Practice.”