About Us

All the Littleness is produced in-house by me, Michael, and Mark. Together, we’ve worked hard to reduce production costs while not cutting corners. We’ve done our best to source quality materials at the best price, service our machines ourselves, and personally build an online shop with minimal cost – all so that we can pass on our savings to our customers.

I built the WooCommerce website myself, and only with free plug-ins. If all continues to go well and orders are processed smoothly this will impact on keeping product prices down – some products have never had a price increase since I opened my first online shop back in 2015!

Mark is a skilled carpenter and cabinet maker. Now he is turning his hand to cutting wood with laser engravers. I still have my trusty (and expensive) American machine back at Design Base for prototyping my designs and doing the necessary assembly instructions. But now I have two more machines – both Chinese. Mark has fine tuned them and set up Laser Hub within a converted farm complex now housing a number of woodworking workshops. I’ve even seen a full-sized (1:1 scale!) house built there. The lasers have their own dedicated mezzanine level workshop space. They needed a forked-lift truck to get them up there! This is where they will perform their magic, dedicated to producing the Littleness for you.

So, the future for Supreme Littleness Designs is for me to carry on designing the Littleness and manning the shop while Mark manufactures, produces and sends out your orders.

Supreme Littleness Designs are the laser-cut designs of Michael Scott.

The main aim of Supreme Littleness Designs is to provide tabletop gamers with well-designed laser-cut gaming aids, terrain and scenery kits.

The name Supreme Littleness comes from Isaac Rosenberg’s poem Louse Hunting, the only First World War poem to feature the wee beastie that plagued trench warfare.

See the silhouettes agape,
See the gibbering shadows
Mixed with the battled arms on the wall.
See gargantuan hooked fingers
Pluck in supreme flesh
To smutch supreme littleness.
See the merry limbs in hot Highland fling
Because some wizard vermin
Charmed from the quiet this revel
When our ears were half lulled
By the dark music
Blown from Sleep’s trumpet.

“The best MDF building I’ve ever seen!”
Customer, Claymore 2017